Ideal Lean Pre-Workout Review

ideal lean pre-workout review

If you have tried to lose weight or build muscle, you certainly know that it is no easy task. Sometimes, that belly fat or arm fat can prove to be too stubborn even for exercise and dieting.

This is perhaps why hundreds of weight loss supplements have been created over the past few decades. Many people look up to supplements to aid them in their weight loss journey. Some supplements are effective; others less so. Some are even total scams.

In this Ideal Lean pre-workout review we will analyze this supplement and let you know whether it is ideal for you.

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What is Ideal Lean?

Ideal Lean is a pre- work out supplement that is manufactured by the Ideal Fit Company. It is actually one item in a series of women’s health and fitness products. Apart from the supplements, the company also sells various outfits as well as dieting and exercise plans.

Given that Ideal Lean is a pre-workout supplement, women are advised to take it at least thirty minutes before their workout. The product is touted to increase the efficiency of workouts both in burning fat and building muscle. It is also supposed to help reduce the recovery time and continue bursting fat post-workout.

Pre-workout for women

Who is Ideal Lean For?

Ideal Lean is a product specifically made for women who want to lose weight or get a leaner body. Major emphasis is laid on the fact that the product is made to suit the nutrition requirements for women. The company differentiates it from other pre-workout supplements in that it has just the right calorie and protein composition for women.


Ingredients in Ideal Lean

ideal lean pre workout label


Ideal Lean comprises mainly of whey protein, Green Tea Extract and a host of amino acids all of which help to increase the fat burning process. Whey protein is one of the major ingredients contained in the product. It is the primary source of proteins in the product. Proteins are essential in the growth of muscles and can also contribute to weight loss.

But how exactly do proteins contribute to weight loss? For one thing, proteins help to increase satiety. This means that you will feel full for longer when you eat a meal that is rich in proteins as opposed to one that is rich in carbohydrates. Secondly, proteins can sometimes be used as a source of energy. This happens when there aren’t enough carbohydrates to produce the energy required to keep the body working. When the body turns to proteins for energy, it normally burns more calories than it would if it used carbohydrates. This is what leads to weight loss.

If you are more interested in building muscle than losing weight, then eating a lot of protein is a must. Proteins are often referred to as bodybuilding foods. The simple logic is that proteins contain amino- acids, which are the building blocks in the body. Therefore if you want to build more muscle, it follows that you simply must eat enough proteins.

Ideal Lean claims that whey protein is the best source of proteins especially for women. First, this kind of protein is touted to be free from both fats and sugar. This is unique in itself given that most other proteins are not entirely free of both fats and sugars. Secondly, this particular type of protein is easily digested. This means that the nutrients can be absorbed by the body very fast.

The product also contains Green Tea extract. You probably know that drinking Green Tea can help in weight loss, but did you know exactly how that happens? Green Tea is rich in antioxidants and is also known to boost the metabolism rate. A higher metabolism rate means that fats are getting burned much faster, which translates to weight loss and a lean body. Green Tea also boosts oxygen supply in the body, which helps to improve recovery periods.

Another key ingredient in Ideal Lean is coconut powder. The powder is meant to improve hydration, which is important if you want to lose weight. Coconut is also known to be an ancient beauty secret, owing to its countless positive effects on the skin. Given that Ideal Lean is a product specifically meant to be used by women, it comes as no surprise that coconut powder features prominently as an ingredient.

Phenylethylamine, which is an amino acid that has a positive effect on mood, is yet another ingredient in the product. However, the mood-boosting effects of the amino acid are rarely ever felt by most who use the product. This is often attributed to the fact that the amino- acid is absorbed too quickly by the body thus having little if any impact on one’s mood.

One thing we notice when looking at the label is that the Fat Loss Blend is only 310mg. That’s pretty small considering it is made up of 4 ingredients with one of them being green tea. Many fat burners have 500mg in them by itself so the Fat Burning Blend in this product likely won’t do as well as you might hope.

Pricing for Ideal Lean

As you would expect, Ideal Lean is anything but cheap. A bottle of the product goes for an average of $49. This makes it a rather expensive product given that you might need to refill the bottle every few weeks.


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Side Effects with Ideal Lean

There are no serious side effects that are associated with the product. However, if you are allergic to certain products, you should have a look at the ingredients’ list of the product before using it. Some products contain soy and milk, both of which can have negative effects on those who are allergic to them. Some products even have gluten, so be careful in case you suffer from gluten intolerance. There have also been complaints about stomach upsets by some who used the product.


Pros and Cons of Ideal Lean Pre-Workout

Pros and cons


  • Uses green tea and coconut powder
  • Lots of flavors to choose from
  • Provides increased energy


  • Uses artificial flavors
  • Weak dose on the fat burning blend
  • Above average price

Is Ideal Lean Ideal for You?

The product has a number of perks and downsides. Some of the ingredients in it are rather potent. Green Tea and coconut powder are some of the noteworthy ingredients. However, the product is lacking in many other ingredients that would make it a lot better at burning fat and building muscle. Ingredients such as cayenne pepper would certainly improve its efficiency a great deal. Additionally, many of the claims made about the products are not scientifically proven to be true. Given that the company has been in existence for over ten years, they should certainly be able to substantiate the claims. So, is the product ideal? It is a decent product, but any of the products on our list of the best pre-workout supplements for women would be much better.